Strozzapreti Alla Romana (12")

Danno, Suarez & Chef Ragoo

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As our first collaboration in Italy with Tuff Kong Records we couldn't start anywhere else but home, serving you a dish of Strozzapreti Alla Romana, an exclusive recipe by Danno, Suarez and Chef Ragoo! After the release of the single's video in April, we're now delivering the vinyl version with some extra add ons, on the A side in fact you will find the original version by DJ Craim, as well as a remix by Ice One and a re-recorded alternative version by The Old Skull, while on the B side you will find the 2 instrumentals and the acappella version! This is a one-time press limited edition of 500 copies on marbled blood orange vinyl, don't sleep!

1. Strozzapreti Alla Romana (DJ Craim)
2. Strozzapreti Alla Romana (Oral Pro Nobis Ice One Remix)
3. Strozzapreti Alla Romana (The Old Skull Alternative Version)
4. Strozzapreti Alla Romana (DJ Craim Instrumental)
5. Strozzapreti Alla Romana (Oral Pro Nobis Ice One Remix Instrumental)
6. Strozzapreti Alla Romana (Acappella)