Psychological Cheat Sheet 2 (LP)

Psychological Cheat Sheet 2 (LP)

Vic Spencer x August Fanon

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Limited edition of 350 hand-numbered copies:

- 50 on black vinyl w/ OBI strip (1 per customer)
- 100 on mint green vinyl
- 200 on black vinyl

A1. 14 Days At Grant Hospital
A2. Visionware
A3. The Unforgiven
A4. Hades Was A Hoe
A5. Rehab Resort Pt. 2
A6. Drunk At 2:43 PM
A7. Reciprocate The Love

B1. Norbit's Revenge
B2. Horns In The Cornfield
B3. Sneaker Bandit
B4. Psychotic Panhandlers
B5. Victor Wynslow
B6. Bi-Polarism
B7. Greenthumb's Theory

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