Omertà: The Film

Omertà: The Film

Lil Eto & V Don

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Earlier this year Rochester MC Lil Eto and Harlem producer V Don teamed up on their cinematic collaboration EP "Omertà: The Film", proving they are within the young veterans keeping hip-hop alive and well in 2017. The joints featured on this EP showcase the perfect mix of V Don's producer skills with Eto's raw street chronicles. Featuring guest appearences by the likes of Meyhem Lauren, Willie The Kid, Jai Black and Daniel Son, as well as "Asics", extra track not featured on the original release, "Omertà: The Film" is a record set to stand the test of time, immediately drawing attention of worldwide hip-hop heads to the two New Yorkers. The record is finally being released physically on limited edition vinyl (200 black, 300 colored) and tape (100 copies).

1. Opening Scene
2. Pyrex (feat. Jai Black)
3. Live Today
4. Influence (feat. Willie The Kid)
5. High (feat. Meyhem Lauren)
6. Cousin Harold
7. The Sun Rey (feat. Daniel Son)
8. Favor
9. Asics