Better Than Money (LP)

Better Than Money (LP)

V Don

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Praised by many as one of the most prolific and interesting producers of the newer generation, and rightfully so, V Don is back with his brand new producer album. Building a better and better signature sound with every release, "Better Than Money" is yet another proof of Harlem's producer incredible evolution. Guest appearances on this album feature Rome Streetz, Ankhlejohn, WhoisBravy, longtime collaborators Eto and  Willie The Kid, Easalio, Fly Anakin, Elcamino, Estee Nack, UFO Fev, Sauce Heist, Dark Lo and Adonis.


Limited edition of 500 hand-numbered copies

— 50 on black vinyl w/ OBI
— 150 on olive green / baby blue / brown vinyl
— 300 on black vinyl


A1. Better Than Money (Feat. Rome Streetz & Ankhlejohn)
A2. This Evening (Feat. WhoisBravy)
A3. Better Than Money (Feat. Eto & Willie The Kid)
A4. Committed (Feat. Easalio)

B1. The Real (Feat. Fly Anakin)
B2. On My Mind (Feat. Elcamino & Estee Nack)
B3. Face Scars (Feat. UFO Fev & Sauce Heist)
B4. Science (Feat. Eto & Dark Lo)
B5. Dark Knight (Bruce Wayne Pt. 2) (Feat. Adonis)


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