West Detention (LP)

Falcon Outlaw x Camoflauge Monk

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No matter what stage in an artist's career, the first album is the one that takes the artist a lifetime to create. A prime example is High Heat Record's feature artist Falcon Outlaw, who's debut EP named “WEST DETENTION” is produced by Buffalo's own Camoflauge Monk. The name of the album comes from a dark time in Falcon Outlaw’s life when he was sixteen and spent time in Toronto’s West Detention Center. Each track documents his life as a teenager growing into an adult, where he finds himself in trouble with the law, has run-ins with his enemies, and makes his way through. The album's storytelling style is very deep at time as Falcon Outlaw fights his way to a better life. The album also features one of Toronto's fiercest up and coming emcees Lord Juco. The forthcoming album is as personal and reflective as the artist himself, touching on the reality of street life. Those around him are truly thankful that he made it out, and is able to bless us with this masterpiece!


  1. 9 to 5 
  2. Still Pimp
  3. Bodies
  4. Camoflauge Monk - Interlude
  5. Hot Gun on the Waist 
  6. The Fix 
  7. Chump ft Lord Juco