Third Eye of The Storm (2LP)

Third Eye of The Storm (2LP)


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Fliptrix - Third Eye Of The Storm Ft. Jehst, Farma G, Jam Baxter, Verb T, Buggsy & Ramson Badbonez. Production by Chemo, 184, Leaf Dog, Jon Phonics, Medison, Naive, Runone, ExtraTeless, Mr Boss, Dillijence, Reklews, Kerem Fraiche & Kontigo.

Limited edition repress on clear double vinyl, full colour 350gsm reverse board gatefold sleeve. 16 track LP over 2 discs. Shrink wrapped.

1. The Storm
2. War To Your Door
3. Frontline Terror Feat. Ramson Badbonez & Jam Baxter
4. Mind Travelling
5. Me Against The World
6. See The Sun
7. Soundscapes Feat. Farma G
8. Walk This Way Feat. Buggsy
9. Third Eye Sight Feat. Jehst
10. Wylin Out
11. It's No Lie
12. Nothing's Quite As It Seems Feat. Verb T
13. Drifting
14. The Essence
15. Paradise
16. Sun's Down