The Ra(w) Material (LP)

The Ra(w) Material (LP)

Czardust (Ohbliv & Sadhugold)

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Coming together for the first time in physical format, Sadhu Gold and Ohbliv bring you "The Ra(w) Material". Both are entities who need little introduction. It's quite a mysterious record that channels a wavelength unique to previous material that they've created. With past collaborations with the likes of Mach Hommy, Nickelus F, Tha God Fahim, Mutant Academy, and a plethora of other artists, Czardust comes together to present an album that is sure to please the mind, body, and soul. Eleven tracks of cosmic glory... an ode to the past and a preface to the future, "The Ra(w) Material" finds a way to present something so alien yet familiar. Everything and nothing all simultaneously happening in a single blip of time. Very limited pressing, don't sleep.

source code
energy cultivation
murder he wrote
phantom of the options
another day
palette cleanse
serpent power
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