The Grind Date (2LP)

The Grind Date (2LP)

De La Soul

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Re-issue of the seventh album from the hip-hop pioneers, originally released in 2004. Includes guest spots by Ghostface Killah, Flava Flav and MF Doom. This 2020 re-issue also features four previously unreleased instrumental bonus tracks.

A1 The Future
A2 Verbal Clap
A3 Much More (feat. Yummy)
A4 Shopping Bags (She Got from You)
A5 The Grind Date
B1 Church
B2 It's Like That (feat. Carl Thomas)
B3 He Comes (feat. Ghostface)
B4 Days of Our Lives (feat. Common)
C1 Come On Down (feat. Flava Flav)
C2 No (feat. Butta Verses)
C3 Rock Co.Kane Flow (feat. MF Doom)
C4 Shoomp (feat. Sean Paul)
D1 The Grind Date (Instrumental)
D2 Verbal Clap (Instrumental)
D3 Shopping Bags (She Got from You) (Instrumental)
D4 Days of Our Lives (Instrumental)