The Awakening (2LP+7

The Awakening (2LP+7")

Lord Finesse

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On his third album, Lord Finesse, representing D.I.T.C. (Diggin' in the Crates crew), brought together some of the nest rappers of the day for the release of, “The Awakening”. Mostly produced by Lord Finesse himself, the all-star lineup featured collaborations from KRS-One, MC LYTE, Diamond D, Showbiz & AG, O.C., Grand Puba, Kid Capri and more. The album went on to reach #36 on Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip-Hop Album chart, while the single, “Hip 2 Da Game”, and bonus cut, “Actual Facts”, peaked at #36 and #37 respectively on the Hot Rap Singles chart.

To celebrate the projects 25th Anniversary, “The Awakening”, has been remastered and will be reissued by Tommy Boy Music. The anniversary release will be available digitally. A fan favorite and considered a cult classic, here’s what the press had to say about the original release:

“‘The Awakening’ is a welcome joint from a man who has long personified Hip Hop's favorite mantra: `True to the game.”-The Source (February 1996)

“Throughout every song, Finesse's permeating Hall of Fame punch lines are brought to that ass like room service... he made his well-deserved chump change the old fashioned way, he earned it.” -Rap Pages (January 1996)

“...Acknowledged by many of his peers as quite simply the best MC in the world... raunchy-but-serene lyrical skills...spooky-sounding production... Though Lord Finesse may never create a pop hit, he continues to live up to his name.” -Vibe (April 1996)

1. Da Sermon (Intro)
2. Time Ta Bounce
3. True and Livin
4. O' Lord (feat. O.C.) [Interlude]
5. Brainstorm / P.S.K. (feat. KRS-One & O.C.) [No Gimmicks Remix]
6. Taking It Lyte (feat. MC Lyte)
7. Gameplan
8. Words From Da Ak (feat. Akinyele) [Interlude]
9. Flip da Style
10. Showtime (feat. Showbiz)
11. Speak Ya Peace (feat. Diamond D, Ag & Marquee)
12. Food for Thought
13. Da Kid Himself (feat. Kid Capri)
14. Hip 2 Da Game (feat. Kid Capri)
15. No Gimmicks (feat. KRS-One)
16. Actual Facts (feat. Sadat X, Large Professor & Grand Puba)
17. Time Ta Bounce (Interlude) [Instrumental]
18. True And Livin' (Instrumental)
19. O' Lord (Interlude) [Instrumental]
20. Brainstorm / P.S.K. (No Gimmicks Remix) (Instrumental)
21. Taking It Lyte (Interlude) [Instrumental]
22. Gameplan (Instrumental)
23. Words From Da Ak (Interlude) [Instrumental]
24. Flip Da Style (Instrumental)
25. Showtime (Instrumental)
26. Speak Ya Peace (Instrumental)
27. Food For Thought (Instrumental)
28. Da Kid Himself (Interlude) [Instrumental]
29. Hip 2 Da Game (Instrumental)
30. No Gimmicks (Instrumental)
31. Actual Facts (Instrumental)