Tapestry (LP)

Tapestry (LP)

Paul Dupont & His Orchestra

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Farfalla Records allows you to discover again the music of Roger Webb (aka Paul Dupont) with this album that could have been the perfect soundtrack for a crime film of the 1970s, alternating powerful tracks with jazz-funk rhythms and melodic tracks with light/romantic themes. Tapestry was recorded for the London based recording company Chappell Recorded Music and released in 1977 exclusively for professional use.


A1. New Yorker
A2. Inter-City
A3. Downtown Incident
A4. Rebirth
A5. Snow Flower
A6. Stranger Love

B1. Rainbow Bridge
B2. Fragments
B3. Reaching For The Moon
B4. ...And Friend
B5. Lazy Lover
B6. Lovelorn