Stuck (LP)

Stuck (LP)

Nickelus F

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Nickelus F’s latest album Stuck feels like a breakout moment for an artist whose already had several. His lucid storytelling has set him apart in recent years as an artist to watch in Richmond’s emerging hip hop underground, and Stuck is no different. It’s an introspective trip that deals with intersecting personal and political issues, and is driven by the records strong lyricism and DIY production style. F has been releasing music for almost a decade now, working alongside artists like Drake, Ohbliv, and Lil Ugly Mane, and his energetic live performances have made him a mainstay on hip hop bills in Richmond. Look out for him on stage with Lil Ugly Mane this fall.

A2. Sleazie Wonder
A3. Trill Burr
A4. Yea Aight
A5. That's Fact
A6. On Our Own
A7. I Ain't Cried Yet
A8. Mids
B1. I Got Up
B2. King Soulja
B3. The Darkie
B4. Hands
B5. Horace Hardbody The Statue
B6. Dump You In A Rva