Sounds From The Workshop (2LP)

Sounds From The Workshop (2LP)

Reuben Vaun Smith

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Having further honed his craft, Reuben Vaun Smith returns to Soundway Records with a sonic odyssey through lo-fi Balearic and Afro-Caribbean influenced synth.

Smith’s second album continues his exploration into improvised live instruments and programming, while venturing into new territories of music-making and genres including soca, benga and trip hop. Also sliding into the mix are organic sounds and riffs reminiscent of 2000s Villalobos sunrise scorchers such as ‘Waiworinao’, keeping the Balearic thread firmly present throughout the album.

Having learned to sail along the southern coast of Spain in the last year, Smith spent a winter locked down in Yorkshire, channeling summer memories into his music and drawing influences from his own record collection which he would play everyday in the studio. With a few local friends and his brother to jam with, the result is dreamy and lo-fi, with more guitar-led melodies, distant vocals and lush pads.

Smith’s debut album from 2020, ‘Warm Nights’, received an array of rave reviews and support from DJs including Tom Ravenscroft, Antal and Bill Brewster. One year later, Reuben Vaun Smith delivers a matured, varied sound and a glimpse into his incredible future potential.


1. Sun Sun
2. Hold Out
3. Deliciosa
4. Higher Higher
5. To Live By The Sea
6. Blind Love
7. Everybody Wants To Move
8. Rise & Shine
9. Truth
10. El Shiggy
11. Disco Schiaparelli
12. Flee The Coop 
13. Euphoria
14. Eternal Return 
15. Sounds From The Workshop