Pyrex Picasso (LP)

Benny The Butcher

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GoodFelons Records present Pyrex Picasso by Benny The Butcher, featuring legendary appearances from Conway, ElCamino & Rick Hyde and production handled by Rare Scrilla and Chop La Rok, this is a throwback to TT3/Plugs I Met-era Benny. Pitchfork had this to say about the album:

"The Griselda rapper’s latest album accentuates many of his strengths, highlights no unknown weaknesses, and is peppered with some of the finest tracks of what will be remembered as a golden era for The Butcher....Benny sounds triumphant, tossing out a smackdown to his haters like it’s nothing at all."


A1. 1st Name Basis
A2. Flood The Block
A3. PWRDRL (feat. Elcamino)
A4. Pyrex Picasso (feat. Conway & Rick Hyde)
A5. '73 (feat. Rick Hyde & Elcamino)
A6. The Iron Curtain

B1. Fly With Me (feat. Conway)
B2. Pyrex Picasso Instrumental
B3. '73 Instrumental
B4. Fly With Me Instrumental