Pirata (LP)

Pirata (LP)

Wun Two

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With the 2014 release "Penthouse", Wun Two has made himself immortal in the worldwide lofi scene. He has continued to consolidate his status with his subsequent projects, but now the next big album is on the agenda. "Pirata" is a concept album and tells the story of a pirate who lived long ago. Emotional melodies and reduced drums drill directly into the listener's ear and make him want this instrumental masterpiece.

With "Pirata", Wun Two has created his very own magnum opus with a wonderful hand drawn artwork. The sailor's yarn spins from song to song over the whole album, until the pirate finally sails home after a successful treasure hunt. These little lofi masterpieces are structured by a total of four spoken chapters, in the international version spoken by Ugly God, telling the story of the pirate's journey.

Pirate Story by Thomas Wirth
Cover artwork: Sophie Bass Illustration
Artwork & Layout: Be.truu
Mastering by Dextar Mastering

1. Legends of the Sea (Intro)
2. Unexpected Journey
3. Chapter One (starring Ugly God)
4. 7 Seas
5. Treasure Island
6. Savage (Interlude)
7. Chantey 
8. Snow Island
9. Chapter Two (starring Ugly God)
10. A Day in the Life of a Pirate
11. Sloop
12. Long Ago
13. Exotica
14. Toco
15. 6-Pounder
16. Reef (Interlude)
17. Flying King
18. Coconut Island (feat. Hubert Daviz)
19. Chapter Three (starring Ugly God)
20. Seegarn
21. Float
22. Dark Depths
23. Bartholomeo Hills
24. Spanish Galleon
25. Jolie Rouge
26. Orobas
27. Chapter Four (starring Ugly God)
28. The Legend
29. Papagaio (Interlude)
30. Travel the World Seas
31. Sailing Home
32. Pirata (Outro)