Your Old Droog

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On his critically-acclaimed debut, the Your Old Droog LP, he vowed to “bring back storytelling” and now on his sophomore album, PACKS, Droog delivers on that promise. In addition to the raw rhyme displays on songs like the Alchemist-produced, “Winston Red” Droog flexes his narrative muscles both comically (“My Girl Is A Boy”) and dramatically (“G.K.A.C”) on this new album. For instance, the single “You Can Do It (Give Up)” is an ode to practicality over fantasy told in three vignettes. Co-produced by Edan, and Y.O.D. himself “You Can Do It (Give Up)” is almost the bizarro version of Biz Markie’s “Vapors.” The reclusive Edan also produces and appears on the raucous posse cut “Help” with Ratking frontman Wiki. The three MC’s trade bars over an explosive beat that is as inspired psychedelic rock as it is hip-hop.

1. G.K.A.C.
2. Jeselnik Skit 1 (feat. Anthony Jeselnik)
3. I Only
4. Bangladesh (feat. Heems)
5. Grandma Hips (feat. Danny Brown)
6. Jeselnik Skit 2 (feat. Anthony Jeselnik)
7. Just An Interlude feat. Chris Crack
8. White Rappers (A Good Guest)
9. Help (feat. Wiki and Edan)
10. Jeselnik Skit 3 (feat. Anthony Jeselnik)
11. You Can Do It! (Give Up)
12. Rapman
13. My Girl Is A Boy
14. Winston Red