Nobody's Safe (LP)

King Magnetic & Tone Spliff

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Everything happens 4 a reason. In 2007, King Magnetic & Tone Spliff met on the Vast Air / Copywrite "Weatherproof" tour. Over the years they collaborated on a dozen songs via features and other artists while releasing various solo projects. In 2019, they shot a video for the Ruste Juxx / Tone Spliff LP and decided to do some work for King Magnetic's Weekly Vibes 2020. This began the creation of the "Nobody's Safe" LP.

1. Move
2. Bodyslam
3. Silence
4. We Don't Do That
5. Nobody's Safe
6. Ain't A Damn Thing Changed
7. The Reload
8. Ice Cream Sandwiches (feat. Tug Mcraw, Kool Keith)
9. Tit For Tat
10. Rest Less (feat. Tom Sav)