Medicine Compilation From The Quiet Lodge (2LP)

Haruomi Hosono

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"Medicine Compilation from the Quiet Lodge" features ultimate ambient music that invites listeners to another world, including masterpieces such as "Honey Moon", which has a duo vocal with Akiko Yano, and was originally recorded on the album "Tropical Dandy'" and the funky "Aiwoiwaiaou" with lively singing voices. The album was originally released in 1993 and is now issued on vinyl in Japan for the first time.


A1. Laughter Meditation
A2. Honey Moon
A3. Deira

B1. Quiet Lodge Edit
B2. Medicine Mix
B3. Sand Storm Edit

C1. Mabui Dance #2
C2. Aiwoiwaiaou

D1. Armenian Orientation
D2. Ambient Meditation #3