#LP4080 (2LP)

#LP4080 (2LP)

Strange U

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Strange U, one of the most exciting and original duos in Hip Hop bring you their no holds barred debut album '#LP4080'! Entirely produced by Zygote with King Kashmere on mic duties this is an album not to be slept on! Boasting impressive features from Jehst, Fliptrix, Lee Scott, Cappo & Jazz T!

The double vinyl comes shrink wrapped in a full colour sleeve with a redeemable dropcard which contains a digital copy of the album and some bonus instrumentals!

1. Terminator Funk
2. Bullet Proof Mustache Feat. Lee Scott
3. Shots
4. Hanging Chads 
5. Cimmerian Shade
6. Grizzle
7. Eden’s Husk Feat. Jehst
8. Taurus
9. Hank Henshaw
10. Mr Kill
11. Daisy
12. Mumm Ra
13. The Technodrome
14. Illuminations Feat. Fliptrix
15. Waste Of Space
16. Zuul Feat. Cappo