Love Beat - 20th Anniversary Edition (2LP)

Love Beat - 20th Anniversary Edition (2LP)

Yoshinori Sunahara

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It has been 20 years since the release of the 4th solo album “Love Beat” (2001), which is the most important album of 2000s electronica and has been highly acclaimed for its graceful sound. It has been decided to release an “optimized remastered” version of mastering, a new mix by Sunahara himself, who has poured his skills from the release to the present day. The sound is more beautiful, the beat is thicker, the sound design that dominates even the space peculiar to electronica is pursued, and it is optimized based on the carefully selected concept including the redesign of the artwork.


1. Earth Beat
2. Balance
3. In and Out
4. Lovebeat
5. Spiral Never Before
6. Echo Endless Echo
7. Hold'on Tight
8. Sun Beats Down
9 Bright Beat
10. The Center of Gravity
11. Lovebeat 2021 Dub Mix
12. 2000-2001 Ysst Demo & Loops