Life In The Flesh (2LP)

Life In The Flesh (2LP)


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'Life In The Flesh' is a conceptual album primarily focused on the cycle of life, death & reincarnation of the spirit/soul. Everything that happens in the middle is what makes us who we are. All of our decisions and choices shape and mould our futures in this life and possibly even the next. Through experiences and observations of my own life I have crafted this album. It was recorded as a reminder that life is a test, and although we are faced with many societal and worldly obstacles, some of the hardest and most important to overcome are the ones in our minds...'

1. Life In The Flesh
2. Cold World
3. Rude Bwoi
4. The Screen
5. Guerillas
6. Lift Off
7. Free Up
8. Sirens
9. Irrelevant Material
10. Back To School
11. Place Called Home
12. Crowded
13. Fresh Air
14. If I Die