It Wasn't Even Close (2LP)

It Wasn't Even Close (2LP)

Your Old Droog

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With no advance warning, acclaimed Brooklyn rapper Your Old Droog recently released the surprise album "It Wasn’t Even Close". Executive produced by Mach-Hommy, the album features appearances from the likes of DOOM, Roc Marciano, Wiki, and Mach-Hommy himself, plus beats by Sadhu Gold, Evidence, Daringer, V Don, Tha God Fahim, Mono En Stereo, and more. Named after a line from a classic Geto Boys song, the project was sparked by a pivotal conversation between Droog and hip-hop icon Scarface, who told the young artist he would single handedly bring New York back.

1. Gyros
2. RST (feat. DOOM and Mach-Hommy)
3. Tried By 13 (Vaclav Havel)
4. Bubble Hill
5. World’s About To End
6. Babushka
7. Funeral March (The Dirge) (feat. Mach-Hommy)
8. Devil Springs
9. Smores (feat. Lil Ugly Mane and Wiki)
10. Ugly Truth (HOMMO Mix)
11. Chasing Ghosts (feat. Roc Marciano)
12. Haunted House Beat (Not a House Beat)
13. 90 From The Line