Gruesome Features (2LP)

Gruesome Features (2LP)

Jam Baxter

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Jam Baxter's classic album 'The Gruesome Features' is back in stock on limited edition double violet vinyl. 

Featuring classics such as 'Brains' & 'Filet Mignon' and boasting features from an all star cast, this album is not to be missed! With only 300 copies pressed up, it would be wise to snap this one up before it disappears FOREVER!

The double vinyl comes shrink wrapped in a full colour sleeve.

1. Brains
2. Borrowed Time Feat. Edward Scissortongue
3. E.F.T Feat. Mr Key
4. Who Feat. Leaf Dog
5. Gourmet Flesh Feat. Ramson Badbonez
6. Q feat. DJ Sammy B-Side
7. Avalanche Feat. King Kaiow 
8. Eggs Feat. Dabbla
9. Filet Mignon Feat. Dirty Dike
10. Fine Feat. Chester P
11. Altitude Sickness Feat. Ronnie Bosh
12. Squashed Feat. Verb T
13. Larvae Feat. Fliptrix
14. Tin Of Worms Feat. Chester P
15. Chemical Sweats Feat. Mowgli
16. Snooze Button/Gruesome Features