Flour City 2 (12")

38 Spesh f/ Eto

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Flour City is a nickname for Rochester, New York. It is also the title of a 38 Spesh song that tributes the city from his "5 Shots" EP.

"Flour City 2" is the sequel to that fan-favorite track. It's the lead single from Spesh's upcoming album "6 Shots: Overkill" as well. It is also Air Vinyl's first ever 12" single!

We wanted to bring back the classic single format for the DJs. We've included the instrumental, accapella, radio edit, and even an unreleased B-side track from Spesh's mixtape days.


1. Flour City 2 (main version)
2. Flour City 2 (radio edit)
3. Flour City 2 (instrumental)
4. Flour City 2 (accapella)
5. S.H.A.R.E. (non-album exclusive)