Eto Brigante: El Paraíso Edition (LP)

Eto Brigante: El Paraíso Edition (LP)

Eto x TrickyTrippz

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While Eto’s concept album “Eto Brigante" is definitely one of the highlights of his discography, one wonders what the project would have sounded like if the whole album was produced by a single beatmaker. Well, as good as the original is, listeners now have the chance to hear the lyrics buoyed by the singular vision of German producer TrickyTrippz. More than a remix album, this body of work aims to intensify Eto’s rap retelling of the classic gangster film “Carlitos Way.”


Pool Hall Scene (Remix)
Training (Remix)
Old Hunnits (Remix)
Lalin Scene (Remix)
Smoke Break (Remix)

David Kleinfeld (Remix)
Benny Blanco Club Scene (Remix)
Button Up (Remix)
Ending Scene Skit
The Last Call (Remix)