Bring It On Home (LP)

Bring It On Home (LP)

SmooVth & Giallo Point

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Hempstead lyricist SmooVth and english beat maker Giallo Point are long time collaborators, they’ve released several incredible projects since their first 2014 project “Portrait of A Pimp”. The two have created a sound of their own and the chemistry between them is undeniable. They’re back on wax with their new project “Bring It On Home”, a collection of remixes from released albums and several exclusive unreleased tracks, featuring appearances by Roc Marciano, Eto, Sonny Jim, His Kingpin and Milano Constantine.

Limited edition of 250 numbered copies:

— 100 on white vinyl
— 150 on black vinyl

— 7 test pressings made, 2 for sale

A1. Strength (Remix)
A2. Schemes - Exclusive
A3. Muscle - Exclusive
A4. Midnight (Remix)
A5. Day In The Life - Exclusive

B1. Invincible feat. Sonny Jim & Hus Kingpin (Remix)
B2. Velvet - Exclusive
B3. Killer Gold feat. Roc Marci (Remix)
B4. Jesus Piece feat. Milano Constantine (Remix)
B5. Aim feat. ETO (Remix)

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