Adebesi Hat Recut (LP)

Adebesi Hat Recut (LP)

Da Buze Bruvaz

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Continuing their streak of impressive solo collaborations with Giallo Point, Da Buze Buvaz Adebesi Hat- Recut finds the producer reconstructing the seminal LP and crafting it into a unique, totally new project. Impeccably crafted, mixed and mastered this project is a treat for longtime fans and yet very accessible for new listeners. Giallo known for his lavishly grimy productions has also been busy of late working with artists such as Estee Nack, Rigz, Smoovth, Big Twins and others. Yet when he combines with Da Buze Bruvaz solo or collectively fans of hardcore HipHop already know to expect that rugged and raw unapologetic HipHop.

Courtside at da French Open
Piss Drug Stash
Revolver ft. Tug McRaw
Special Agent
Kangol Kru
CLash of the Titans ft. Solace
Sportsmanship ft. B-Bil
Tango and Cash
Tranzor Z10. Pre Hit Shells

Da Buze Bruvas have generated a cult following and have released products that have appreciated in value becoming collectors items
• They have released limited edition vinyl which sells for upwards of $70 plus
• They’ve featured on tracks with Roc Marciano, Sadat X, Conway the Machine Machine, Rockness Monstah and other underground luminaries
• Previously featured on sites such as HipHopDX, XXL and This is 50