A Doppia Faccia (LP)

A Doppia Faccia (LP)

Nora Orlandi

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Four Flies Records is proud to unearth another classic soundtrack from the world of Italian giallo with Nora Orlandi’s incredible score to Riccardo Freda's 1969 film “A Doppia Faccia” (a.k.a. “Liz & Helen”). Starring Klaus Kinksi, Margaret Lee, and Annabella Incontrera, the film was based on a story by Italian king of the macabre Lucio Fulci. For the first time ever on vinyl, Orlandi's mysterious and charming soundtrack leads off with a sensuous main theme - a powerful track with a great harpsichord chord progression and a melody that really stands out.
Maleficent sounds, gothic atmospheres, and alarming voices make the soundtrack captivating yet disturbing at the same time. The tracklist also includes the uptempo "beat-at-cinecittà" classic "Soho", used to accompany the ever-present party scene in the psychedelic, swinging London of the time. The soundtrack also contains a proto-version of the more famous "Dies Irae", from "Lo strano vizio della signora Wardh", which inspired Quentin Tarantino for "Kill Bill - Vol. 1". The release features liner notes by Nora Orlandi herself and stunning artwork by Luke Insect.


A1. A Doppia Faccia (Vocal Version)
A2. Voices
A3. Nightmare Piano
A4. A Doppia Faccia (Main Titles)
A5. Jazzy Piano
A6. The Face Of Love (Instrumental)

B1. A Doppia Faccia (Instrumental)
B2. Soho
B3. A Doppia Faccia (Main Titles - Short Take)
B4. Darkness
B5. Double Face
B6. The Face Of Love (Vocal Version)