Underground Mood (LP)

Various Artists

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First launched in 1971, Flirt Records was one of the many notable production music imprints distributed by Flipper Music, iconic publishing company founded by Romani Di Bari in 1968 and house to some of the best Italian library music. Back in 1972 the label released this compilation entitled "Underground Mood" featuring music composed by Emma De Angelis, Roberto Conrado, Luigi Lopez as well as Amedeo Minghi, whose anthemic "Lustful" track went on to be sampled by Justin Timberlake in 2013. An incredible 12-tracks collection of guitar driven jazz-funk tinted with fuzzy psychedelic rock vibes, making it one of the most interesting and sought-after releases of the Flirt Records catalog. Now available on vinyl for the first time since its original release as a limited edition of 500 copies.

©℗ 1972 – Flipper srl Edizioni Musicali. Licensed to Holy Basil Records.


A1. Lustful (A. Minghi)
A2. Trip (E. De Angelis)
A3. Forgiveness (E. De Angelis)
A4. Plankton (E. De Angelis)
A5. Ticklish (R. Conrado)
A6. Consumption  (R. Conrado)

B1. Omnifarius  (R. Conrado)
B2. Counterpoint (R. Conrado)
B3. Spleen (L. Lopez)
B4. Acromatic (R. Conrado)
B5. Hills (R. Conrado)
B6. Displeasure (R. Conrado)