Doe Or Die (2LP)

Doe Or Die (2LP)


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Back in 1994, when Nas legendary "Illmatic" came out, there was a huge buzz around the young fella dropping the first verse and hook on "Life's A Bitch". That hook went on to represent an entire generation and still stands the test of time. The kid from Brooklyn spitting those words is Anthony Cruz, better known to the masses by his stage name AZ. The year was 1995 and countless hip-hop classics were being released, the first few Wu-Tang solo albums, Mobb Deep, Smif-N-Wessun among others. At that same time AZ gets his first major label deal to release his debut studio album "Doe Or Die". Anticipated by singles "Sugar Hill" and "Rather Unique", the album captured the gritty boom bap essence of New York City, featuring productions by the likes of Pete Rock, Buckwild, and L.E.S., and guest appearances by Nas and Miss Jones. The album was critically acclaimed and has sold over a million copies to this day, and is still considered one of the most influential records from that era.

We have collaborated with the Brooklyn veteran to bring this classic back on vinyl as a limited edition of 1000 hand-numbered copies, with the first 200 pressed on clear vinyl with gold splatter with an autographed poster and die-cut sticker, 300 on grey vinyl and the remaining 500 on black vinyl.

1. Intro
2. Uncut Raw
3. Gimme Your's (feat. Nas)
4. Ho Happy Jackie
5. Rather Unique
6. I Feel For You
7. Sugar Hill (feat. Miss Jones)
8. Mo Money, Mo Murder "Homicide" (feat. Nas)
9. Doe Or Die
10. We Can't Win
11. Your World Don't Stop
12. Sugar Hill (Remix)