Stitched Up & Shaken (LP)

Stitched Up & Shaken (LP)

Apollo Brown & Planet Asia / Gensu Dean & Guilty Simpson

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Detroit producer Apollo Brown delivers his take on the already raw album "Abrasions" (produced by Gensu Dean). Apollo's stripped down, soul drenched production offers new grain for the legendary Planet Asia's vocal jewels.

SP1200 Jedi, Gensu Dean lays down the official remixes of the popular "Dice Game" album (produced by Apollo Brown). Drawing out new textures and angles from the raw and reflective Guilty Simpson verses, Gensu reveals uncanny dexterity with the legendary Hip-Hop production tool - the SP1200.


Apollo Brown & Planet Asia

01. Bar Mitzvah
02. Faces On The Dollar
03. God Hour
04. Chuck Berry (feat. Shawn Pen)
05. Reflections (feat. Rogue Venom)

Gensu Dean & Guilty Simpson

06. Ink Blotches
07. Potatoes (feat. Torae & Yarbrough)
08. Nasty (feat. Planet Asia)
09. Truth Be Told
10. How Will I Go