Kiss Da Converse (LP)

Kiss Da Converse (LP)

Clever 1 & Giallo Point

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Firing on all cylinders Da Buze Bruvaz waste no time in presenting the next chapter of the saga. Clever 1 introduces his first official solo album "Kiss Da Converse" produced by Giallo Point. Following Him Lo's OJ Glovez EP, Clever and Giallo come out swinging. The combination of Hard Rhymes and cinematic Crime Scene Samples properly showcase the aggression contained within. This is a creation of Musical Combat and sound is straight unapologetic bully rap. The sound matches the vision of a villainous threat as the inspired theme of ‘SHO NUFF’From the Last Dragon’s INTIMIDATING APPROACH TO MASTERY. Strap your sneakers and be ready for a rough ride.

1. Entrance
2. The Yellow Brick Wall
3. Glovez Mask and Duct Tape
4. Smoke at Masterz Theater
5. Showdown at Daddy Greenz Plaza
6. Crash Landing ft. P.R. Star
7. Paradise Prisonz ft. Him Lo
8. Destructiconz
9. Chillin with Laura Charlez
10. Across da Face Kickz ft. Him Lo , Driz Lo
11. Drama Series Part 5