Affable With Pointed Teeth (LP)

Affable With Pointed Teeth (LP)


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‘Affable With Pointed Teeth’ is the latest YUNGMORPHEUS long player. It’s produced entirely by Eyedress. MORPH and Eyedress created the album over several months of in-person sessions, with Eyedress working live instrumentation into loops to soundtrack MORPH’s detailed storytelling. The album title references a line by Jamaican-American poet Claude McKay, and samples of McKay reading are woven throughout the project. The record includes previously released singles ‘Rainbow Coalition’, ‘Four Week Cure’, ‘Candyman’ and ‘Georgette's Tea Room’ featuring Pink Siifu. It follows YUNGMORPHEUS' critically acclaimed album ‘Thumbing Thru Foliage’, with NYC-based producer ewonee, and his 2020 collaborative album ‘Bag Talk’ with Pink Siifu. Cover art by Makhai Fahie.


Red Spheres
Four Week Cure
Georgette’s Tea Room (feat. Pink Siifu)
What The Stakes Is
County Line Rd
Bow Down
Reverse King's Gambit
Nkisi Nkondi
Slim Fit Peacoats
Poised on the Cusp
Castelo Dos Mouros
Bunchy Carter
Rainbow Coalition
No Traces
Loose Goose
My Hands