Alter Ego: Fleeigo Delgado (CD)

Flee Lord

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Lord Lord is dropping a project every month of 2020 and "Alter Ego: Fleeigo Delgado" is his sixth album of the year! This offering includes production by Daringer, Havoc, V Don, IceRocks, Vinny Idol, and more, and features from Jay Worthy, TND Riley, Elcamino, and G4JAG!

1. The Beginning ft. Jay Worthy & TND Riley (prod. by DJ Rybe)
2. IDGAF Who Ya Fav Rapper (prod. by GodBless)
3. Livin Lavish ft. Elcamino (prod. by Melks)
4. Funeral Home (prod. by Dolla)
5. Hoopty (prod. by V Don)
6. Lord Family ft. G4JAG (prod. by Milky Fella)
7. It Ain't Gone Last (prod. by Daringer)
8. Unfinished Business (prod. by Vinny Idol)
9. Da Rock To Da Bridge ft. Mumbles (prod. by Havoc)
10. The Big Kahuna Outtro (prod. by IceRocks)