Catch Me If You Can (EP)

Catch Me If You Can (EP)

V Don & Willie The Kid

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Willie The Kid and V Don make an incredible and relentless team, and they've showed that several times in their previous "Deutsche Marks" collaborations and "Heather Grey" alongside Eto. To help with the wait for the 3rd instalment of "Deutsche Marks", the two have released a quick but rich 4-tracks EP, which features Sauce Heist as the only guest appearance. This vinyl release includes 2 bonus tracks only available on this vinyl release as well as instrumentals on the B-side!


— 50 on black vinyl w/ OBI (limited to 1 per customer)
— 100 on blue marbled vinyl
— 150 on mustard vinyl

The record is also available on standard black vinyl.


A1. Serendipity
A2. Portal
A3. American Me (feat. Sauce Heist) / Skyfall
A4. Adventures
A5. M Bison
A6. Baileys

B1. Serendipity - Instrumental
B2. Portal - Instrumental
B3. American Me / Skyfall - Instrumental
B4. Adventures - Instrumental
B5. M Bison - Instrumental
B6. Baileys - Instrumental

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